Why Outsource to Us?

What are the benefits of outsourcing your social media campaign to us?
Social networks are a fast paced technology and you have to invest a lot of time on the details to get the
perfect social media balance. That’s before working out the effect each account has on Google, and what
difference keyword density makes to your social media campaigns, how to get the best effect from “hashtags”
etc. Somewhere in all that learning – you also have to post 4 or 5 times per business day to be seen as
“socially active” and benefit appropriately.
You should also aim to ensure you create and upload at least a few images per week, per account. Images
make a text heavy Facebook page look fantastic.
The very best way for your business to benefit from a social media campaign is if you outsource the “heavy
lifting” to us. We know the exact recipe to create a social media campaign that provides an interesting and
authoritative set of posts that your clients or customers will love as well as pushing Google’s social buttons.
We have teams of people that can post on your behalf all day, every day. Plenty of keyword rich content,
nicely spaced out during the day. All of which can be reviewed by you via our simple to use control panel, as
we schedule your content at least 7 days ahead.